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Beating The Odds
"You can beat a race but not the races," is a common slogan used at racetracks around the US. Since the sport of horseracing primarily revolves around the betting aspect, people try desperately to come up with a winning formula to beat the odds and tip the scales in their favor. Read the rest of this horse racing article.

Evolution of Horse Racing
Horseracing is one of the most entertaining spectator sports in the world. Every passing year sees a significant rise in the number of enthusiasts that hit the tracks during the racing season. Being the biggest spectator sport with legal gambling is the main draw bringing more people to see the races. As the number of spectators increase, so does the cash pouring into the parimutuel machines. Wager-less racing has been tried several times in the US, but the interest created was short-lived. Over the years, horseracing has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry, not only in the US, but also around the world. Read the rest of this horse racing article.

The Handicapper
The art of handicapping has become synonymous with horseracing in the US. A handicapper is a person who tries to predict not only the winner of each race but also which horses will place second and third. The dictionary defines handicapping as "the placing of advantages or disadvantages upon competitors to equalize the chances of their winning”. Down the years, organizers have tried several methods of laying the track to equalize the chances of all entries. At one point they experimented by allowing inferior horses to have a start of a length or less over the better horses. However, by trial and error, handicapping was left principally to the weight of the odds. Read the rest of this horse racing article.

Horse Betting Systems
Before horses take to the track, there is a battle of nerves off the track. Selectors, handicappers and players all try to determine the winning combination, by judging the different variables in play. No single factor can determine the winner and sometimes even a careful analysis of all the factors put together still fails to pick the winner. Hence, bettors are constantly on the lookout for a set ‘system’ that can be applied to come up with the winning combination. Read the rest of this horse racing article.

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